Parua Bay Tavern

Food Menu


Garlic Pizza

Caramelised onion and mozzarella cheese or Garlic butter with mozzarella cheese

Med $8/Lge $15.0

The Bay Seafood Chowder

Creamy seafood chowder with fresh fish and a selection of seafood served with garlic bread.


Shrimp Cocktail

Yummy shrimps,avocado,seafood sauce,lettuce garnish


Salt & Pepper Squid

Our seafood speciality in salt & peper seasoning flash fried served with a horseradish mayo


Olives and Garlic pizza Board

Kalamata olives, basil pesto, garlic pizza


Share Plates

Bucket of fat chips

Our thick cut chunky fries with tomato sauce and our own garlic aioli.


Wicked Wedges

Seasoned wedges or/ Mozzarella cheese, streaky bacon, sweet chilli and sour cream

$11 /$15

Olives & Garlic Pizza Board

Kalamata olives, basil pesto dip, garlic pizza


Prawn Dippers

Crumbed prawn dippers with chilli mayo


Caramelised onion pizza

$8 /Lge $15


Butchers Pride

cabana sausage,pepperoni,streaky bacon,charred peppers,mushrooms,caramelized onion

Med $15/Lg$28

Smokin Chook

Smoked chicken,caramelized onion,charred peppers,gherkins,streaky bacon


Seafood Pizza

Mussels,shrimp,fish,red onion,streaky bacon/Anchovies optional

Med$15/Lge$ 28

The Italian

Classic Italian pizza sauce, pepperoni, cabanossi, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, charred peppers

Med $15/Lge $28

The Hot Streaker

Tomato and local Streaker hot sauce, pepperoni, streaky bacon, charred peppers, caramelised onions

Med $15/Lge $28

A Tropical Aloha

Classic tomato sauce, champagne ham off the bone, pineapple

Med $13/Lge$ 26

The Greenie

Tomato base sauce, mushrooms, feta, roast kumara caramelised onions, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, salad garnish

Med $15/Lge $28

Lunchtime (only avail between 11am - 3pm)

Open Chicken Sandwich

Grilled chicken tenderloins, salad greens, bacon, ciabata, aioli, relish


Fit Trim & Fresh

Honey Garlic Chicken Salad

Chicken tenders grilled in a garlic,honey soy marinade on greens with cashews,drizzled with garlic aioli


Calamari & green pea salad

Salt & pepper,green peas,salad greens,feta,horseradish mayo.


Harvest Salad

Salad greens, quinoa, feta, roast kumara, toasted seeds, cashews with pomegranate dressing


Our Classics

Fish N Chips

Beer battered or panko crust crumbed, fresh fish, home-made tartare sauce, green salad and chunky chips


Aged Angus Sirloin

Aged angus sirloin, crispy paprika onion, fresh garden salad, chunky chips with sauce of your choice



Banging Beef Burger

A prime home-made beef pattie, streaky bacon, cheese, beetroot, chunky chips, garlic and aioli


Chicken Bacon Burger

Crispy coated chicken, streaky bacon, salad greens, chunky chips


Vege Patch Burger

Falafels, cheese, beetroot, salad greens, tomato relish and aioli



Garden Salad

A mixture of gourmet leaves with a balsamic dressing.



Our very popular chunky chips served with tomato sauce.


Greek salad


Feed the Kids

Hawaiin Pizza

Tomato base, champagne ham, pineapple.


Finding Dory

Crumbed fish & chips served with tomato sauce.


Chicken nuggets & chips

Crispy chicken nuggets and chips served with tomato sauce.


Minions Pizza

Tomato base, cheese, ham


Mini Me sundae

Vanilla ice cream smothered with chocolate sauce topped with a chocolate fish.


Kids Cocktails

Ghost Buster

cola & a scoop of ice cream


Buzz Light Year

lemonade & a scoop of ice cream


Shark Attack

Orange, lemonade and raspberry.


Sweet tooth

Surfs up Sundae

Vanilla ice cream layered with chocolate/berry sauce with chopped nuts, and a crispy wafer


Warm Chocolate Brownie

Warmed through served with chocolate sauce, berry couli and vanilla ice cream


Summer berry sorbet

Mixed berry sorbet,creamy yoghurt ice cream